No troubles with bubbles. Let us help you get a perfect working fluidic system. DEGASi is our comprehensive line of stand-alone degassers for every application and flow rate. OEM customizations for instrument manufacturers possible.

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Looking for components for your fluidic system? As a Global Premium Supplier of IDEX H&S we can supply everything you need in fluidics.
Fittings & tubing, filters, degassers, valves, pumps, column hardware and more. Ask us first!

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What we do

We are supplying innovative laboratory products to instrument manufacturers and distributors around the world. Our mission is to empower you to design a unique product in the field of liquid handling and fluid transfer components for analytical, biotech and life science users.
Biotech is involved in a variety of research projects with renowned European and US companies and institutes. We are an innovative company, benefitting from the synergy of scientific research and applied technology. Ownership and close liaison with network partners results in future opportunities for new exciting products in fluidic handling and chromatography.


Get the best performance out of your instrumentation. Wide range of application areas.

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