No troubles with bubbles

Degassing & Debubbling


Degassers improve fluidic instrument precision and reliability by removing dissolved gases from fluids before they outgas and form problem causing bubbles. Three main types of bubble removing products are available:
– Teflon AF based degassers offer the widest range of chemical compatibility and are used to eliminate retention shifts and baseline fluctuations.
– Silicone based degassers offer the highest flow rate capabilities for water based systems such as diagnostic and life science instrumentation to improve dispense accuracy and reliability.
– Poridex based products provide rapid bubble remove for locations where bubble introduction cannot be avoided.

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  • Degassing process

  • Degassing chamber

    Dissolved gases are actively removed from a flowing liquid stream by vacuum via the IDEX Health & Science AF® membrane.

Degassing – How it works

Dissolved gasses in a fluidic system can often cause troubles. When the pressure or the temperature changes, the dissolved gasses can form bubbles which affect the accuracy, precision and performance of your equipment. On-line degassing is a very efficient way of removing dissolved gasses from the liquid and preventing bubble formation.

Why Degas Your Mobile Phase?

Dissolved air in HPLC mobile phases can result in flow rate instability and baseline disturbance.
Flow rate instability: Non-degassed mobile phase can outgas in the pump head, causing bubbles to be formed and trapped inside the head or check valves. These bubbles can cause flow disturbances and pressure fluctuations, resulting in flow rate instability.
Baseline disturbance: As the mobile phase passes through the column, it experiences a large pressure drop. Non-degassed mobile phase can outgas due to this pressure differential, causing air bubbles to form. Air bubbles passing through or lodging in the
flow cell cause detection disturbances, exhibited as baseline noise.

No Troubles with Bubbels

Biotech AB is specialized in degassing of liquids. With Systec components you can be sure to get degassers with the latest cutting edge technology. Except for our unique range of DEGASi® Standalone degassers, Biotech offers custom made degassing modules to fit your need. Biotech supplies degassing modules to some of the world’s largest instrument manufacturers.


In many low pressure systems, such as diagnostic instruments, bubbles in the fluid stream can cause false detection readings and dispense anomalies. For these systems, the Systec Active Debubbler captures and removes bubbles before they can affect the instrument or the results. Unlike passive bubble traps where bubble removal is dependent on backpressure, the Active Debubbler can be installed before or after a pump and provides consistent debubbling regardless of the system conditions.

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Debubbler implementation Debubbler implementation

Debubbling – How it works

Dissolved gases and bubbles in system liquids cause dispense volume anomalies in many instruments, negatively affecting both dispense precision and analytical accuracy. Now you have a choice of components for actively removing bubbles with or without also removing dissolved system gases. Online Vacuum Degassing offers operating convenience, high efficiency and low operating costs compared to other common degassing technologies.

Why Debubbling?

In medical analyzers, bubbles interfere with critical volumetric reagent dispenses and cause sample failures, wasting time and money. Because bubbles adhere to nearly every part of a dispensing system, high velocity or induced turbulent flow is often used to displace and discharge bubbles from the flow stream and into a waste area. These alternative processes waste reagents and are time consuming, unpredictable, and may additionally require designing the system to recognize bubbles are present.

No troubles with Bubbles

Biotech AB proudly presents a DEBUBBLER for removal of bubbles in liquids. Improve the precision and accuracy in your instrumentation with our new line of debubblers. The new debubbler can be used in every liquid transferring system where bubbles may occur; Dispensing, DNA-sequencing etc. Custom designed modules upon request. We offer total systems responsibility in the field of degassing and debubbling.

    “The world’s first high flow rate,
    in-line degasser, for organic solvents”
    • Degassi-Prep-Plus

    • DEGASi® PREP+
    • DEGASi PREP+

    DEGASi PREP PLUS uses a revolutionary new technology that makes it possible to degass organic solutions with higher flows in a cost effective manner. This means that you can increase your capacity at a lower price. The DEGASi® PREP+ is the perfect choice for efficient degassing of many types of liquids at high flow rates, up to 75-100 ml/min per chamber. With four chambers coupled in parallel, a flow of 300-400 ml/min can be used.

    “It´s small, smart & silent…”
    • Degasi PLUS

    • Biotech_DEGASi_PLUS Series

    Our latest addition to the DEGASi® standalone series is the DEGASi® PLUS. It can be equipped for a wide range of applications, depending on what kind of performance you need.


      DEGASi® PLUS is a further development of degassers such as:

      • DEGASi®Classic
      • DEGASi®Micro
      • DEGASi®GPC
      • DEGASi®Semi-Prep
      • Much smaller footprint, height and weight
      • New vacuum pump using a smart board
      • Allmost silent
      • Available with 1-6 channels
    • H

      • Parallel connected vacuum chambers
      • Easier accessibility and visibility
      • Easier troubleshooting and replacement of parts
      • Short leadtime

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    Degassing & Debubbling

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    • Degasi PLUS

    • Global Premium Distributor

    • Runge Mikron liquid chromatography UHLC


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    Biotech News – Spare Parts

    Degassing & Debubbling

      We keep an extensive stock to support our customers. Supplying spare parts and replacements to a wide range of instruments and brands in the shortest time possible. We always keep a wide variety of vacuum pumps, degassing chambers, control boards and other accessories on stock to simplify replacement and maintenance for our customers. As an alternative to a repair we can also offer a suitable Degassers from our comprehensive DEGASi-line of Stand Alone Degassers.


      • Prep degasserDegassing chamber

      • The Mini degassing chamber is used in our degassing equipment made for the largest analytical instrument manufacturers in the world. Since quality can’t be compromised the same components are also used in our DEGASi® series of stand-alone degassers.

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      • The standard preparative degassing chamber was designed to be easy to prime, and is configured with a Teflon® AF degassing membrane (tubing) to provide maximum degassing capacity with the absolute minimum internal volume (less than 3% of PTFE designs with comparable degassing capacity) and a chemically inert, metal free flow path. Degassed mobile phase is available in less than a minute!
      • Prep degassing


      • Systec ZHCR Pump

      • We introduce the ZHCR® Zero Hysteresis / Constant Run stepper motor driven vacuum pump, specifically designed and developed for membrane degassing of HPLC mobile phase. Employing a micro-stepping RPM control strategy permits the pump to run continuously, cycling between low and high speeds. The high speed provides quick pull-down, while the low speed sustains a consistent vacuum level.
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      • The Biotech Systec AF® Degassing Replacement Kit for Waters Alliance HPLC instrument is simple to install in half an hour by any laboratory technician. Our upgrade kit is available with either our 100% biocompatible vacuum chambers, or with our Stented chambers, recommended for GPC and normal phase applications (THF and HFIP resistant).
      • Waters Alliance Retrofit-Kit

      • Agilent 1100 Degasser Retrofit-Kit

      • The Biotech Systec AF® upgrade kit is a drop in assembly that can be installed in less than 20 minutes, requires only the use of a #1 Phillips Screwdriver, and provides the following benefits over the original configuration. This kit retains the original control board and vacuum sensor, so all communi-cation functions with the HPLC stack and computer software are maintained.
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      Job Opportunity

      Are you our new senior Salesman/Saleswoman?

      Biotech of Sweden is looking for a suitable Senior Salesman/Woman. Are you the one? If so, you have an academic background preferably in Chemistry or Biochemistry, several years of Active Sales experiece in scientific instrumentation and are willing to Travel 25%. Fluent in English speaking and writing is a must. Your location will be our Swedish office.

      For more than 10 years Biotech have developed and delivered innovative laboratory products to instrument manufacturers and distributors across the world. We specialize in chromatography and finding solutions to issues with gases and bubbles in fluidic systems. The headquarter is situated on the beautiful Onsala peninsula on the Swedish Westcoast near Gothenburg City and Landvetter International Airport. We operate globally and have subsidiaries in the US and Japan.

      If you are intrested in the job and would like to work in these beautiful surroundings close to the sea, send your CV to:
      Biotech AB, Onsala, Sweden
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